The Durgenheim Delver's Guild

Corners and Crypts

The party reached the city of Bridgeport without incident and immediately began looking for a new base of operations. Figuring that they get most of their work from local taverns anyway, they tried to find a bar for sale in an area with a lot of foot traffic in hopes of maximizing exposure to possible clients. As luck would have it, a portside pub near the Higglesturmer Alchemy College was having a literal fire sale and the guild acquired what would later be named The Shady Corner for a trivial down payment.

After extensive restoration and modifications, the guild settled into a routine of doing odd jobs for clients in the city to make ends meet. Nothing glamorous, but it pays the mortgage and keeps the Corner turning.

Just as the intrepid adventurers were beginning to become a little stir-crazy, a whopper of a job landed at their doorstep. Miriam Stillwell, chair of the Excavation Department of the Bridgeport Institute of Archaeology, contacted the party about some heretofore undiscovered ruins about 10 days out from Bridgeport. Signs pointed to a Trileukon site, which are a fairly uncommon occurrence in Western Erion. Her budget exhausted by three previous attempts to secure the ruins led her to offer the party the right of salvage in exchange for ensuring the safety of her team. Unable to pass up an opportunity to get their hands on these artifacts, the guildmates happily accepted the contract.

After questioning Garm Garmson, a local charlatan responsible for discovering the ruins, the party set out towards their target. As soon as they arrived it was clear that they were dealing with a magic-suffused artifacts of the Trileukon Dominion, as Treestar’s Detect Magic ritual discovered the vestiges of a fairly potent enchantment emanating from the recently opened entrance to the Trileukon structure. It appeared as though the Trileukon facility was sealed in the sheer face of a cliff, only recently opened by some natural phenomenon such as an earthquake or landslide. However, the party’s speculations were interrupted by the telltale groan of zombies.

It became apparent quite quickly that the ruins were infested by the undead, and the multiple excavation teams sent ahead of the guild only exacerbated the issue. The clerics used their newfound ability to turn undead to stellar effect, driving off many of the zombies without the party sustaining any major damage. Even an ogre zombie inside the structure itself fell swiftly to the party’s coordinated attacks – Kieran’s hit-and-run manuevers, Oda’s constant barrage of arrows, and Treestar and Ross’s attempts to hold back the lesser undead that accompanied the beast made short work of the undead within the ruins.

The party also came across what appeared to be some kind of arcane laboratory inside of the ruins, although its purposed proved to be too esoteric for them to comprehend. A strange electrum mechanism controlled the lock on the final chamber, and Anathul used his arcane control over the elements to disengage the contraption, using heat conducted up the electrum to boil water in attached glass vials, driving steam into some sort of mechanism that held the mechanical parts of the lock.

As soon as the door opened, however, the presence of skeletons (one of which belonged to a greataxe-wielding minotaur) led them to draw their arms once more. Luckily skeletons’ natural weakness to bludgeoning damage was easily capitalized upon by the party, and Ba’ab laid the undead low with his massive maul. As the clatter of bones against the carved stone began to fade away, the party heard a raspy voice muttering from the room beyond.

Inside the structure’s final chamber, a lone humanoid sat in a ornate wooden thrown, armed with a finely crafted heavy mace and armor crafed from dark, supernaturally hard wood inlaid with electrum. The wight stood before the adventurers, demanding their reverence in the dead language of the Trileukon. Neither understanding nor particularly caring about his utterances, they attempted to get the drop on the powerful undead. Proving to be their greatest opponent thus far, they fought fiercely even as the decrepit king sucked the very life out of them and literally shifted in and out of the shadows to harass them. Ross nearly had his head caved in by the king’s ancient and powerful magic mace, but one final deception aided by the party’s distracting blows as the wight wasted his final attack on the trickter’s magical duplicate.

The job complete, the party returned to the Shady Corner for a well-deserved round of ales.



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