The Durgenheim Delver's Guild

Dinosaur Mayhem in Hell's Kitchen

The party spent a week unwinding from their previous adventure. Miriam Stillwell got in touch with the guild to explain some of the things they’d seen in the Trileukon crypt – the enchantment Treestar detected was a strong, enduring sleep spell that dissipated when the structure was opened to the outside world, and it appeared that the facility itself had a separate door that didn’t open into anything but rock. It was almost as if the entirety of the ruins had been teleported into the rock all at once, either intentionally or through one of the many well-known mishaps that can occur with teleportation magic. In any case, the amount of magic that it would take to teleport an entire building is astronomical, and the party was ultimately left with more questions than answers.

Enjoying the positive press from the incident, the party was approached by a very well-known restaurateur in Bridgeport – Alejandro. His chef’s knives – made from extremely rare Arkhosian steel – had apparently been burgled from El Pepino, his latest restaurant venture. He offered the party a sizable sum of gold to track down and recover his most prized possessions.

After interrogating his former pastry chef (a gnome who ironically had intentions to steal the knives for himself, not knowing that they’d already been stolen), the adventurers resorted to arcane forensics to try and trace the whereabouts of the thief. The safe the knives were kept in had a magical and a mundane lock on it – one had been broken by a Knock spell, and the other had been disabled conventionally. Garm Garmson advised Anathul that they might be able to track down someone that recently purchased a scroll of Knock at an out-of-the-way magic shop called Orin’s Arcane Emporium, and after a successful attempt to intimidate the shop’s unassuming owner they bought the information in question.

The address given led them to a restaurant called “Hell’s Kitchen” in the Hell’s Gate neighborhood of Bridgeside. The tiefling owner – Kerazad the Iron Chef – of the restaurant was attempting to bring some money into the area by attracting upper-class patrons and stole the knives to sabotage his primary competition. Talking their way past the hired hoodlums at the store’s entrance, Treestar noticed the roar of a large animal – possibly a giant lizard, as they entered the premises.

Seeing through the party’s attempts at deception, the Iron Chef let loose with a flurry of food-based spells, attacking the disabled adventurers with an oversized arcane skillet. Eventually he was worn down by Maphira‘s spells and breathed his last on the kitchen floor. All that was left was to deal with the allosaurus he’d been planning on serving as an exotic dish on opening night. After a short fight, the mighty beast fell to Ba’ab’s maul.

Impressed with the considerable risk the party took in recovering the knives, Alejandro agreed to stay at The Shady Corner for a while and train the party and any hired cooks how to make acceptable food.



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