The Durgenheim Delver's Guild

The Rise and Fall of Malkyr the Razor

In which the party slays a dragon

(Editor’s note: This is concatenating 2 sessions. I had intentionally avoided making one for the previous session so the fact that the party was fighting a big nasty dragon didn’t get spoiled for guildmates who were absent, but then we got prison-fucked by winter itself for like 6 weeks)

After some brief downtime, the party found themselves hungry for another adventure. Luckily, Simon Sylphwind, who previously fled the party’s assistance, begged the guild for forgiveness after being intimidated talked into hiring the Delvers by Mr. Bignutz. Capital Venture appeared to still be convalescing after the Parcel Job, and so there were no unscrupulous competitors running interference on what would later prove to be a very lucrative job.

3 weeks west of the city of Bridgeport lies the Sylphwind Lumberworks, premier producer of precious pieces of timber in The Kingdom of Pallan’dur. The past month or so the trees of the Aldbell forest had been producing extremely sub-par lumber, driving prices extremely high. Simon clued in the guild to the secret behind his business – a long-standing pact his family had with a dryad to allow him to remove wood from the forest without disturbance. However, he hadn’t been able to contact her ever since the wood started going rotten, and enlisted the party to get to the root of the problem. PUN INTENDED

After a long trek across the varied terrain of western Pallan’dur they finally arrived at the Aldbell Forest. It didn’t take long for the Delvers to notice the supernaturally befouled state of the forest. The enormous redwoods’ branches had fused together, keeping any meaningful amount of light from penetrating the forest’s canopy. Without a light source, terrible, unspeakable creatures had wandered up from below the earth’s surface to feed on fairer creatures. The party dispatched a group of myconids, and then fell into combat with a black ooze. It was during the fight with pernicious ebony slime that the Delvers realized, too late, what they were really dealing with – a massive black dragon, alerted to the party by his dastardly kobold worshippers. The party having been split, Malkyr the Razor should have made short work of the party, but then —

— pulled through the ground itself by ancient and primal nature magic, the Delvers were rescued and brought to the Dryad’s grove by Mama Momo herself. She explained to the party that it took all of her strength to stop the spread of Malkyr’s corrupting influence, and she pleaded with Delvers to unite and take down the draconic menace. It can be safely said that the guildmates happily obliged, as a dragon this powerful was a legitimate threat to Bridgeport itself, and famous though he was Malkyr’s presence was not yet known to anyone outside the forest.

The fractured party reunited just in time for to ready themselves for the dragon’s arrival. The arrogant monster taunted the party briefly, making it very clear that he didn’t regard them as a threat. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the only member of the party who spoke Draconic, Oda Ellywick Timbers had a particular hatred of chromatic dragons and used her linguistic proficiency to insult Malkyr’s majesty (or lack thereof). He quickly resorted to combat, but the combined might of the Delvers proved to be a larger threat than he’d estimated. Scorching blasts of arcane fire from Anathul, a complex interweave of Spiritual Weapons from Ba’ab and Ross, and a hail of arrows from Oda left their enemy wounded.

Just when it seemed as though the party had the upper hand, a potent blast of acid from the dragon’s breath weapon utterly annihilated the young tiefling sorcerer. With no time to mourn their loss, the party redoubled their efforts and seemly felled the beast after Treestar managed to distract Malkyr in her spider beast form, and Maphira cut loose with an empowered Witch Bolt to seemingly finish the dragon. Thankfully, Oda knew of black dragons’ tendencies to feign defeat, and put an arrow through his brain before he had the opportunity to unleash his breath weapon once more. Thus endeth Malkyr.

After the fierce battle, the party paused to mourn the loss of Anathul. However, by some unfathomable miracle Anathul returned to life before their eyes, wreathed in the unmistakeable scent of brimstone carried by chill Stygian winds. The implications of his ostensibly infernal ressurection aren’t yet fully understood by the Delvers or even Anathul himself, but the guild was overjoyed to have their comrade back.

The Delvers enjoyed a hero’s welcome upon returning to Bridgeport with Malkyr’s body in tow. There was much rejoicing, and even talk of audience with the King himself, despite mention of some dire recent events in the city. After enjoying a bit of a makeshift parade through Bridgeside, the party finally made their way back to the Shady Corner and enjoyed a well-deserved guild-wide with full stomachs, empty tankards, and warm beds.

The next morning, they were awakened by an uncharacteristically brusque Saccharo, who informed them of the news: Mathuk Bignutz had been arrested for murder.



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