The Durgenheim Delver's Guild

The Scimitars of Silverglade, Part II

The party ventured into the Scimitars’ lair in hopes of rescuing Hilda. Some quick thinking from Ross in the form of an illusion spell enabled them to get past the sentries posted outside of the cave, but inside a brutish minion of Twinkle and Icingdeath had a keener eye and a trained bear. The ursine menace and her tormentor were dispatched without incident. When they finally reached the carved stone chamber at the end of the cave, a quick bit of reconnaissance from Oda’s diminutive ally revealed another cadre of thugs behind the door. A coordinated assault of dazzling magic, flying steel, and swift arrows caught the villains by surprise, and the battle for control of the caverns was won.

Hilda sat upon her father’s keg in the corner, apparently unbound and in a cell that wasn’t even locked. After having a joke or three at the expense of her captors, she asked the party to deal with the twins while she returned home. Twinkle and Icingdeath eventually made their theatrical appearance, and the twins challenged the party with finely synced acrobatics and swordplay. Despite a fierce encounter, it wasn’t long before Twinkle finally fell on Kieran’s sword.

Icingdeath was about to succumb to rage when a primal roar echoed through the chamber. A third dark elf with a dignified bearing entered the room, calling Icingdeath’s full name – Aiyissa Joryll Do’urden – with perfect parental condescension. Apologizing for his children’t antics, he asked the party why they were there in the first place. When they revealed to the him that they were hired by Jan Krakauer to track down his “baby”, he flashed a knowing smile and wished the party good luck.

When the party returned to Silverglade to bring the missing keg back to the brewery, Jan revealed the shocking truth – Hilda had died of illness a few years prior, and that the beer he smelled on them earlier that day could not have come from the only, still-sealed keg of the Hilda Special. Writing it off as another unexplained event in a world filled with magic – but grateful beyond words at the idea that his daughter’s presence lingers in the world of mortals – Jan promises a suitable reward for their work the following morning.

The party was, therefore, surprised to find that the only reward Jan was offering them was a simple twelve-pack of Silverglade Lager. As the adventurers politely imbibed the brew, they eventually noticed the new engravings on the bottom of the familiar bottles’ caps. “The Durgenheim Delver’s Guild – official adventurers of the Silverglade Brewing Company”.

With a smile, Jan offered the party one last job to escort a shipment of the newly bottled beer to its ultimate destination, the city of Bridgeport…



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