Devil-born, demon-cursed, destined to be torn apart.


Level: 3

Str – 10
Dex – 12
Con – 12
Int – 11
Wis – 7
Cha – 19

AC – 11

HP – 12

Spells Known:
Fire Bolt
Shocking Grasp

Chromatic Orb
Color Spray

Scorching Ray


It’s been five years and the screams of his dying kin haven’t left the ears of Anathul the Cursed. Tortured by the demon Pazuzu (Pazuzu, Pazuzu), Anathul couldn’t forget what happened that night even if he wanted to. The prismatic mark of chaos is forever imprinted on his back.
Anathul was born on the island of New Baator.

Origins of New Baator
517 years ago an event occurred in the Feng village of Xin Zhao, never to be forgotten. Red horns began emerging from the doors of every house in Xin Zhao and 2 days later prismatic marks appeared on the first born son in every house. By the next day, all of the marked were dead. Emperor Feng Liu declared war on the tieflings in every nation. Every tiefling in Feng territory, and some beyond, was collected and sent to the desolate island of Dahuoshan. Camp Dahoushan was founded and existed for 66 years without incidence until…

Founding of New Baator
Anai Yorgun was born into imprisonment in Camp Dahoushan. Anai found himself with the gift of sorcery, the first in the history of the camp. 24 years later Anai was able to organize the tieflings and take advantage of the lack of political will to properly staff the island. In one day 400 Feng guards were killed by Anai’s trained uprising, and his barrage of fireballs solidified himself as the defacto leader of the 666 tielfings that remained. From that day forward Anai was referred as Chancellor Azmodeus I of New Baator and the Feng have not tried to return to this day.

New Baator Today
New Baator is associated with the Sarkotakhs. However, it is not one of the Sarkotakh islands currently in a territory dispute between the Fengs and the Gheldish navy, due to its lack of natural resources and inhabitable landscape. It is, on the other hand, a perfect retreat for repressed tieflings to get in touch with their roots and create the perfect Fascist state. New Baator is seen by outsiders as more of an active volcano infested by tieflings than the island paradises often associated the Sarkotakhs. Only fellow tieflings are welcome to the island and very little trade occurs. No one knows exactly how all of the tieflings are able to sustain themselves, some speculate the island is actually a gateway to hell and is supplied by delivery imps.
Since the death of the first Chancellor, the tieflings have split into various enclaves with very few differences. However those differences are fought about fiercely and each enclave vies for power. Currently the Jal’haya enclave holds court at the base of the volcano and the island is ruled by Chancellor Baalzebul VI. The Chancellor is overwhelmed by the outcries stemming the demon attack on the Thul enclave and the controversial excommunication of the child survivor Anathul.


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