Jan Krakauer

Brewmaster of the Silverglade Brewery


Jan Krakauer is the great-grandson of the original owner of the Silverglade Brewery. The story he tells his patrons about the origin of Silverglade Lager’s recipe is thus:

Johann Krakauer once sought to participate in the Ordovician Games a century ago, but a crippling injury from a cadre of bandits permanently disabled him before he could even get to Bridgeport.

His dreams dashed, he hobbled into a local tavern to drown his sorrows. Several ales later, a dwarf clad in mithril chainmail approached him, and asked him what horrible tragedy befell Johann to make him want to imbibe so much cheap, non-dwarf-brewed beer.

When Johann told the dwarf of his injury, he was moved by the man’s plight. From his sack, he removed a small keg from his knapsack, branded with the holy symbol of Moradin. He explained that he was a cleric of the Dwarf Lord himself, and that only high-ranking clergy such as he got access to ‘the good stuff.’ He immediately poured Johann a mug of his personal stash of lager.

As Johann took his first gulp of this beverage, he was moved to tears of ecstasy. This, indeed, was the finest lager ever brewed. He could not hope to comprehend the care with which the barley was selected, nor the gentle balance of corn and wheat adjuncts. With each gulp, he felt pangs of guilt, unworthy of such a fine brew. As he shook the last drop from the mug onto his desperate tongue, the dwarf gave a warm smile, saying, “Sleep it off, lad.”

Johann awoke at the bar 7 hours later, with a piece of parchment crumpled in his right hand. On it, there was written a detailed and precise method for brewing lager, along with a message: “If you can’t be the Master of the Games, there’s nothing wrong with settling on being the King of Beer!”

With that, Johann set back out to his hometown of Silverglade, where he would soon open the finest brewery in all of .

What Johann did not know at the time was that the dwarf who aided him was none other than Gimler Stonebeard, later known as Master Gimler the Stout, Winner of the 236th Games. When Gimler came to visit the Silverglade Brewery after becoming king, he shared a mug with Johann, agreeing that it was the finest beer ever brewed.

Jan had an eleven-year-old daughter Hilda whom he doted on constantly, but she died of illness a year or so ago. The party’s actions in Silverglade convinced him that she’d want him to move on, and trusted his late daughter’s apparent judgment in the fledgling guild.

Jan Krakauer

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