Mathuk Bignutz

"Actually, it's pronounced 'bin-yoots'. Though at this point it's a futile effort to try and correct people."


Mathuk “Big Nuts” Bignutz is a half-orc who appears to be in total control of the seedy criminal underbelly of Bridgeport. Impeccably dressed and well-spoken, Bignutz inspires crippling dread into anyone who interacts with him – the dissonance between his imposing physical stature and smooth, loquacious demeanor appears to put even his closest subordinates on edge.

Bignutz doesn’t appear to ever carry any weapons on him, nor does he wear any armor. He openly walks the streets of Bridgeside without any sort of protective entourage. Word on the street has it that anyone who tries to attack the the man is singularly obliterated by his otherworldly strength, while other accounts seem to indicate that any attempts at assassination fail with naught but a angry gaze. He is thus often referred to as the Green Gorgon of Bridgeside.

Having an atypical facility with logistics for a half-orc, law enforcement in Bridgeport seem to have no luck in pinning any crimes on Bignutz despite common knowledge that he runs the streets. Even more alarming is the rate at which his subordinates seem to evade capture – it is very rare for anything to happen on the streets of Bridgeside without it reaching his ears and causing a swift, decisive reaction in turn.

Bignutz has a reputation for being a very stern but fair individual, and has a habit of coaching other criminals under his employ as though they were members of his own family. Despire fearing his legendary wrath, he has earned the admiration of the underclass in Bridgeside.


Mathuk Bignutz

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