Oda Ellywick Timbers

Forest gnome ranger looking to avenge woodland critters who have been wronged


List of Spells @ lvl 3

Minor Illusion

Level 1
Cure Wounds
Hunters Mark
Hail of Thorns


Oda comes from a long line of gnomish druids. Her mother Glenda Morningstar Tinklebell Timbers, currently the Arch Druid of their clan, had high hopes for Oda. She dreamed that Oda would follow in her footsteps but Oda discovered that her talents were better suited to commanding beasts than becoming one. Oda and Glenda had a falling out as a result and Oda left her village to find her own way.

Oda wandered aimlessly , learning to track and commune with beasts in her own way until she met Cinder. He is her chipmunk companion who gave her a reason to fight. Cinder’s family lived on the edge of a prosperous elven village that was destroyed by a red dragon collecting all of their trileukon artifacts. Cinders family didn’t make it out. Cinder would had perished as well if it hadn’t been for Oda’s healing abilities.

Once Cinder was on the mend the two set out to track down the dragon, Mavarenth the Razor of Clans.

Oda Ellywick Timbers

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