Rubicante Zygon, 23rd Baron Eisenburg

"Never underestimate the power of coin, child."


Rubicante Zygon is the noble responsible for ruling the barony of Eisenburg in Gheldam, which is on the border with Pallan’dur. A vicious tyrant, Zygon exploits his hereditary wealth to rule with an iron fist, crushing any who would oppose him with the best mercenaries money can buy.

He is extremely fond of magical items and devotes most of his wealth to their acquisition. A wizard himself, he keeps a trophy room of various Trileukon relics and other arcane oddities, often acquired through illicit means. Only one man has ever managed to breach his collection, and Zygon has had a very personal vendetta against Ross for this transgression.

Rubicante Zygon, 23rd Baron Eisenburg

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