"Sweet Tooth" Saccharo Trather

"See, we're offering a midsummer special on the 'armed-thugs-not-burning-the-bar-down' service."


“Sweet Tooth” Saccharo Trather is a human working in Mathuk Bignutz‘s criminal organization in Bridgeport. An affable and charismatic duelist, he has a habit of getting himself into trouble when he acts on his own initiative instead of following orders. When Saccharo tried to shake down the Durgenheim Delver’s Guild unwittingly against his boss’s orders, he set into motion a chain of events that led to the death of his sister. He doesn’t hold a grudge against the guild and blames his own inability to see through their common enemy’s ruse.

Ironically, Saccharo hates sweet food despite his nickname.

"Sweet Tooth" Saccharo Trather

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