The city of Bridgeport is the capital city of The Kingdom of Pallan’dur. Located on the western coast of the kingdom, Brigdeport is so named for the nearby bridge that spans the Rinstar River. Bridgeport has a very defensible location from the land and that bridge is the only way to reach the city without crossing a river or climbing a mountain.

The population of Bridgeport is about seven hundred thousand people. About two-thirds of the populace is human, with halflings and elves making up most of the remaining percent. Dwarves and gnomes and even half-orcs are relatively uncommon but by no means rare. Tieflings have a disproportionately large population relative to other cities on Erion but still number less than 1 in 10,000 overall.

Areas of note:

-Portside: A middle-class neighborhood on the northwest side of the city that benefits from traffic from sailors and travelors, as well as students from the Higglesturmer Alchemy College.

-Bridgeside: A large sprawl of peasant housing on the southeast side of the city. On the eastern outskirts of Bridgeside lies Hell’s Gate, a tiefling ghetto notorious for its lawlessness.

-Flasktown: A rather posh neighborhood supported by a series of arcane universities.

-Degnoth Castle: The formal residence of kingdom’s monarch, currently King Regnath IV.


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