Durgenheim Delver's Guild Treasury

Unclaimed Items, Goods to be Sold, and Undivided Gold

1 Silvered Greatsword

1 ‘Evil’ Greatsword +1 from Ulno the Oathbreaker

Scroll of Ray of Enfeeblement

Potion of Animal Friendship

Scroll of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter (?)

1 Plate Armor

7 Alexandrites worth 50 gp each

400 gp of weapons and armor

1 Potion of Greater Healing

Infernal Grimoire

Recent Claimed Items (12/21/14)

Ring of Cat Facts to Maphira

Ring of Swimming to Kieran

Potion of Greater Healing added to Chalice of Memory (?)

Durgenheim Delver's Guild Treasury

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