Invuros is the name of the world. Dwarven in origin, it roughly translates to “the great hill drowned by the sea”.

The large continent in the planet’s northern hemisphere is called Erion, and it is home to four large nations.

The Kingdom of Pallan’dur, a peaceful coastal monarchy known for its rich farmlands and brilliant universities.

The Prinicipality of Gheldham, a small nation who shares the western part of Erion with Pallan’dur. Known for their coastal trade, Gheldham is an often unpredictable state due to its relative lawlessness as a result of the Prince’s absent, whimsical rule.

The Ordovician Hegemony, a military triumvirate whose cities are carved into the mountains and other extreme locales. Despite its overwhelming military power, Ordovicia remains on good diplomatic terms with most of the nations in Erion during these peaceful times.

Kel’ission, a loose confederacy of elven, gnomish, and fey conclaves scattered throughout the forests on the eastern edge of the continent. Known to be irritatingly aloof when it comes to diplomacy but quick to defend their lands, they are often seen as an enigmatic and esoteric presence on Erion.


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