Kel’ission is a nation that spans the vast forests of eastern Erion, including the fey-touched Great Forest. Elvish for “Greenbound Alliance”, Kel’ission is actually a loose confederacy of elvish, gnome, and various fey conclaves. An isolationist state, formal governing power is held by the enigmatic Evergreen Parliament, a group of 117 supposedly ancient beings who vote democratically on various decisions that might affect the entire nation.

Kel’ission has the highest concentration of Trileukon ruins in Invuros. Ancient settlements ostensibly created by the Trileukon Dominion are nearly as frequent as woodland cities built by modern elvish conclaves. It is unknown whether the abnormally high amount of magic in the forests of Kel’ission are a cause of Trileukon involvment, or whether the Dominion built their cities there specifically to take advantage of natural residual magic in the area. Some scholars even theorize that the forests of eastern Erion are in fact the origin of Trileukon society.

It is difficult to estimate the population of Kel’ission or even its relative military strength. Private parties often attempt to venture into Kel lands in hopes of recovering Trileukonti relics, but more often than not go missing without any trace. Military expeditions have never successfully invaded the Great Forest, and reports from the few who lived to tell the tale indicate that the forest itself seems to repel armed incursions. Even diplomatic envoys rarely make it to the capital of Kel’darission without explicit invitation from the Evergreen Parliament.

Frustratingly aloof when it comes to global politics, Other nations depend currently depend on Kel’ission for the production or recovery of the highest-quality magical arms and armor on the planet. Emissaries from Kel’ission are treated with deference, as the apparently whimisical nature of the Kel government is prone to breakdowns of communication that could halt trade at the drop of a hat.


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