The Feng Empire

The Feng Empire is the sole nation on the continent of Akamitsuron to the immediate south of Gheldham. It is known for its temperate, enjoyable climate and adherence to ancestral traditions.

The Feng Empire is currently ruled by the Feng Dynasty, one of the nation’s ruling clans. The ruling clan is decided by a code of tradition set forth by the nation’s ruling clans, and are tortuously arcane to the point where certain family members devote their entire lives to interpret and apply their ancient scriptures.

The ruling houses act as lords, and most non-nobles are treated as serfs. Many retainers to the noble families are allowed to earn land, but must swear absolute fealty to their lords. This devotion is taken very seriously, to the point where these servants must sacrifice their own lives without question at even the most casual whim of their lord.

Contrary to the relatively merit-based governments of Pallan’dur and Ordovicia, the Feng Empire values tradition above all else, and ancestral mandates guide the actions of the most powerful lords and the lowliest slaves alike.

Whereas many cultures on Invuros claim a divine creator, the Feng Empire has its roots in dealings with primal spirits, and primal-power-wielding people are very commonplace in the Empire. Nature magic is used to forge the most exquisite of weapons, such as the katana.

Elementals are regarded as sacred spirits to be appeased instead of vengeful enemies to be eradicated in the Empire. As such, genasi often attempt to cross the Anguista Mountains to reach this land, where they can attain status and riches easily.

The Feng Empire

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