The Kingdom of Pallan'dur

Pallan’dur is a kingdom located on the western side of Erion known primarily for being the largest economic presence on the continent. Its population is about six million, with the largest concentration of of people in its capital, Bridgeport. Ruled by a constitutional monarchy, the king is aided in rule by court vassals whose formal roles are to advise the royal family and propose legislation to be affirmed by the crown. While there are no democratically elected positions in Pallan’dur’s government peerage is often granted to peasants for merit. The abundance of valuable land in Pallan’dur makes it easy for local lords to grant minor titles to the peasantry, keeping the populace fairly loyal and motivated.

Pallan’dur exports many products to other nations on the continent. Sometimes called the Pantry of Erion, Pallan’dur is saturated with rich, fertile farmlands to grow food that gets exported to countries with harsher climates or less favorable growing conditions. Livestock and produce are the main exports of the nation, though Pallan’dur has strong industries related to this raw production like leatherworking and manufacturing. The township of Silverglade, the heart of beer production in the world of Invuros, is a great example of Pallan’dur making use of its natural resources.

In addition to to its more “natural” exports, the various universities in Pallan’dur are responsible for many of the recent advancements in magical technology. In particular, the city of Mornwatch in the North is known to be the center of alchemical components on the continent.

Pallan’dur’s biggest weakness is their lack of overt military strength, lagging far behind that of its neighbors. In these peaceful times Pallan’dur relies on its economic ties to disincentivize any offensives made against the kingdom. Pallandur’s strongest military point is Iceholm Citadel, fortress built into a mountain pass on the border with Gheldham.

The kingdom’s current monarch is King Regnath IV.

The Kingdom of Pallan'dur

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