The Ordovician Hegemony

Ordovicia is the nation to the immediate west of The Kingdom of Pallan’dur, known for its harsh, cold climate and strict, militaristic government. It is thought to have once contained Arkhosia, the ancestral home of the dragonborn. Its population is about 3 million, nearly half of which reside is the massive metropolis of Kislev.

While Ordovicia is primarily a militocracy, this effectively makes the nation a sort of heavily structured meritocracy as each citizen is required by law to join the military at the age of maturity (which, of course, differs by race). In fact, even at a young age children are subjected to basic military training.

Discrimination as most know it does not exist in Ordovicia. Race or birth cannot keep one from attaining status, and neither guarantees status either. The paradigm of the Ordovicians is to be the most powerful nation by putting the most able in charge, and requiring the able-bodied to serve in the military only adds to their collective might.

Ordovicia is actually a very neutral nation. While they often offer friendly displays of diplomacy to other nations, they simultaneously warn them that they will not involve themselves in other nations’ issues, save for humanitarian crises of extreme portions. The assert this neutrality with what is quite obviously the most powerful military on the planet, and no nation has ever managed to invade farther than 20 miles beyond its borders in more than a millennium.

Ordovicia’s top leadership is ruled by a triumvirate: the Grand General of the Ordovician Army, the Grand Admiral of the Ordovician Navy, and the Grand Captain of the Ordovician Wyvern Riders. Currently, these leaders are Ivan Sevchenko, Illyana Denisovich, and Ogan Arkhosenchev.

The Ordovician Hegemony

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