The Durgenheim Delver's Guild

The Scimitars of Silverglade, Part I

Setting out from the dismal burg of Durgenheim, our adventurers found themselves nearly 4 days out from their destination of Bridgeport before running completely out of money and nearly out of supplies. Literally without two coppers to rub together, the fledgling guild was set upon by a pack of goblins who mistakenly thought the adventurers were worth looting. With the meager coin pouch they lifted from the corpse of the goblins’ diminutive leader, they had enough money for proper lodgings in the nearby suburb of Silverglade.

Silverglade is a town known for its beer production, and is home to the legendary Silverglade Brewing Company – makers of the most popular beer in the region, Silverglade Lager. The party’s first priority was, of course, to visit this brewery and get the free samples of this wonderful liquid at the end of their tour. After the half-orc responsible for coordinating the tours committed the grave faux pas of mistaking the party’s gnomes for human children, he disappeared into the brewery to to find their best tour guide to make up for it. The party was then greeted by a human girl who introduced herself as Hilda Krakauer, the daughter of brewery’s founder and sole owner.

Hilda sensed immediately that the group of adventurers were rather down on their luck, and treated the party to her father’s private stock – the Hilda Special Hefeweizen. She commented that if they returned in the morning that she may be able to find a job for them. However, once the party returned to the brewery, the only people there were the bartender and Jan Krakauer himself, who was blubbering about how his baby had been kidnapped. He was able to tell immediately that the party had sampled the Hilda Special simply by smelling them from across the bar, and despite his hysterics dispatched the guild to retrieve her.

Luckily the culprits made no attempt to obfuscate who was responsible for the kidnapping – a scimitar with the name “Twinkle” carved on it in elvish runes pointed to the local band of mischief-makers – the Scimitars of Silverglade, led by the drow twins going by the names of “Twinkle” and “Icingdeath”. After tracking down and interrogating one of the twin’s lieutenants, they learned the location of their lair. Now, they prepare to cross blades with the Scimitars in the Caves of Kolios.



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