Warlock Bound to a Foreign Unknown



Half Elf born to human mother, moved into a Half Elf commune when she passed away after being shunned by full blooded elves.

Came into her powers when exploring some ruins and discovering a statue of a foreign God. Upon touching it, she unwillingly formed her pact with a being only known as The Old One. She’s since taken the semblance of this statue as her arcane focus.


Out of fear of her new powers, she’s left her commune to figure out this new connection in a way which does not put her friends at risk.

Joining the Guild

Recently, she’s come into the company of a group of adventurers. Still wary of what might happen, she joined with them to use their exploits as a teaching tool. She finds the group to be very diverse, with a wide range of backgrounds and personalities. They’ve since opened a bar which doubles as their headquarters. They were visited by another party who were looking for a fight. A man in black armor wanted her dead, but she drove him off using her powers over thought. Maphira still feels a bit bad about driving the man insane despite his ill will towards her.

Character Thoughts…

Ross seemed a bit unapproachable at first. He’s since gotten a bit better, but I can’t help but think he’s trying to pry into my pact. I’m still trying to get an understanding of him myself. He’s really… jovial and fun loving for a Cleric.

I’m not sure that to make of Anathul. He seems well intended enough, but he has a penitent for leaping straight into things on a grandiose, unthinking whim. I know I’m not one to talk about that kinda stuff… but he seems completely irresponsible when it comes to the safety of others. His powers seem to mimic his personality, wild and raw is the best I can describe the forces he wields. From what I’ve seen, he has a serious chip in his shoulder when it comes to demons. This is kinda concerning to me…

Treestar is a cheery woman from what I can tell. As far as druids go, she’s still proving that they’re good people to be around. I’m glad that she’s alright after her close call in one of our adventures. Still smells kinda spicy though…

Kieran is probably one of the most forceful men I’ve ever met. I’m not very familiar with the sea and those who fare it, but he’s showing me that they’re just as fun loving as they are ready for a fight.

Tess… seems the most out of place in this party so far. She’s very calculated, and reserved which can result in her getting drowned out of conversations about tactics and courses of action. I can tell she gets annoyed at this, so I’ll continue to help her as I can. I noticed she enjoys hiding behind me when she can, and I can’t say for sure but she kinda gives me odd looks every so often.

Ba’ab I can relate to somewhat. He’s definitely the most eager to get into a fight, which is something I can’t really relate to, but he has an odd holy symbol that is seeming out of place when it comes to the Gods worshiped in these parts. Perhaps I’m not so strange after all?

Oda I can’t really place a finger on yet. She seems to appear and disappear like she constantly has something else to attend to.

A Man of Bignutz, and an Object He Seeks. Part 1

After the run in with the other adventuring group, Maphira found herself face to face with easily one of the most powerful people she’s ever met. He somehow knew of her accident in the ruins which was a bit disturbing. Her and the guild were then sent off on a mission which promised her more money than she ever thought she’d see in her life living in the commune. They scouted a warehouse that Kieran seemed to know about. That night, they came in to investigate further. They we’re met by a gang leader and his followers. She summoned her new pact weapon a spear made of bent and crooked black iron, and wrapped in entangled branches. In the ensuing melee one of her worst fears became very real and she almost maimed someone in the guild because of it.

Getting injured is nothing new to an adventurer, but she’s always felt that her normally passive Patron seeks to forcefully intervene to keep her alive without concern for collateral damage. He/She/It finally did so when she was hit in the face with a breastplate of all things. Her mind became clouded over, things became blurry, she only just managed to notice Tess close to her and warn her telepathically. The only things she remembers are her Patrons voice, stumbling forward before falling to her knees, and a burst of energy surrounding her forming a portal as she clutched her head. She only managed a glimpse of what happened. Branches and tangled wrought iron surged from the ground battering everything around her including the gang leader. Next there was massive pain followed by darkness as the foe brought his greatsword down on her.

She woke up looking at Ross who saved her from immediate death. Her right eye pained her, but she couldn’t think of it much at the moment since they were once again in peril. After an encounter with a Weretiger, Maphira and her group came across cultists summoning a bearded demon. The fight was fierce, but the day was won. Her curiosity got the better of her again when she noticed that one of them was wearing a ring with a cat on it. Wearing the ring made her feel very nimble even by her own standards, but suddenly there was another voice in her head. It only said “Thank you for subscribing to Cat Facts.”

Character Thoughts…

I’m scared. Easily the most scared I’ve been since accidentally making this pact. I now know that it was the right choice to leave my commune, but I almost killed Tess finding this out… Also, I didn’t know that a group of cats is called a clowder…

The Rise and Fall of Malkyr the Razor: Or, what am I doing in this forest and why the hell is there a Black Dragon all of a sudden!?

After the previous adventures, Maphira felt she needed a break. As did Treestar and Anathul. The rest of the guild went on ahead with another venture but left rough instruction on where to find them. After recovering a bit from the shock of seeing her eye the way it was, and resting a bit more around the tavern, they headed out to find the rest of the group. The rest of the guild came crashing back to everyone else after a brief encounter with kobolds and an owlbear. While happy to see the rest of the guild, the happiness was brought to a sudden end when Ross started yelling in a panic about needed to leave the forest immediately. Turns out the rest of the guild had a black dragon in tow. It was none other than the dreaded Malkyr the Razor.

The fight was fierce and there were some casualties. Anathul was melted in an instant by the dragon’s acid breath and others were knocked unconscious by what would seem to be glancing blows by the dragon. Through a combined effort, the dragon was seeming killed by one last shock from Maphira’s Witch Bolt. Oda landed the final blow when she saw through the dragon’s ruse.

Character Thoughts…

I’ve never come across something so ancient and powerful. I have no idea how Anathul managed to recover from being a puddle, but I’m glad he isn’t dead.

Big Trouble for Mr. BIgnutz

After getting back to the tavern, Maphira learned that Mr. Bignutz was arrested on murder charges and that she was supposed to be part of his defense. She had other things weighing on her though. After the encounter with Malkyr the Razor, her Patron had been talking to her a lot more. Heeding his calls, she takes her leave of the Durgenheim Delvers Guild without a word to anyone or even a note, dropping her diary and other items on the floor on the way out.


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